[Full] Remnant's Rest | D&D 5E Adventure

In the town of Orvain, a legendary warrior seeks a group of adventurers to accompany him to find the resting place of his former comrades-in-arms and give them a decent burial.

This adventure will be newbie friendly, although rules will not be gone over before starting.

Date and time Sunday, 23rd February - 4pm to 7pm
Place Reroll x Lands of Loorou Event, Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E, Lands of Loorou setting
Character creation Level 1 Characters only. You can either bring your own or I can provide pregens
Number of players Up to 2 doughty adventurers

Current players: @panga.new @Korg @draught_of_peace @Saurabh_Mishra @Nischal_Mohan

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!


Me and @draught_of_peace would like to join this campaign

Done. Will you guys be bringing your own Level 1s or should I give you pregen options?

We’ll be making our own characters. I’ll be playing a Halfling Bard and @draught_of_peace is playing a Hill Dwarf Cleric

Cool. Send me the character sheets when done please. Both characters are male?