[Full] Of Dreams and Memories - Session 2 | D&D 5E Adventure

The adventurers find themselves at Xarth, in the employ of one Lady Alice the Adamite. House Adamite has been a celebrated Merchant clan in Xarth for a few generations. But, this is no call for escorting a caravan.

In a hastily scribbled parchment, she claims that her grandfather was one of The Dreamers of Xarth , who had one sudden day in his fifties, walked out of his Manor to join them in their godforsaken hidden house. Never to be seen again.

It has been rumoured that he later ascended to rank of The Auspex of the Dreamers, on completion of a successful pilgrimage to Sol Tidiem, that accursed Isles of Memory. However, on his succession by the next Auspex a year later, everyone seems to have forgotten him, till now.

Lady Alice had inadvertently found an old tome while cleaning up the Manor’s attic. Perchance she touched it and memories of a Grandfather who she never remembered to have existed has now come flooding back to her. Slowly people around the house also started remembering him. Old paintings of him in his spritely youth suddenly appeared on foyer walls. Grizzled house-helps recounted raucous anecdotes of an obstinate child.

What could have the Dreamers done to him to have been forgotten so by all his loved ones and friends. This is what she wants you, our intrepid party of swashbucklers to find the truth of. Will you help?

Session1 Recap
Longform: https://forum.reroll.in/t/updates-from-session-1/641/6?u=hashfyre
TL;DR: https://loorou.fandom.com/wiki/The_Influx#Of_Dreams_and_Memories

Date and time 23rd Feb, 2020 3PM to 7PM
Place Reroll x Lands of Loorou Event, Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Character creation LEVEL 5 - pregen - Yes, Create - Yes; a group will be created on whatsapp by @karthikb351for PCxDM coordination and char creation help
Number of players 5/5

Current players:

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hi! I was part of the hammer fall session last time with a level 3 character. Since my previous DM won’t be available this Sunday, can I join your game with my same lvl 3 character? Or is this game of a different level cap and I’ll need to remake a character?
Character link - https://ddb.ac/characters/21791087/OIWFxW

Hey, you can upgrade your character to lvl5 for this session. Or, alternatively play as a pregen character.

Hey! Okay! I would like to join your game. I’ll make up my mind if I wanna bump my level up or choose one of the pregens before the game.
But sign me up

My friend @Iam_batman wants to join this game

Excellent, I’m hoping you can help him with the character and backstory of session 1?

Hi! My friend @Kshema_Kurup would also like to join

Awesome, adding them to the list.

Hi! I’d like to join as well. :smiley:

Yeah, will have a character ready for him, will ask him to read the session notes before the game

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Adding my friend @ALPHA17 as the final player in the game, we’re officially full.

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