[FULL] Don't tell the Kids, but the Toymaker is Missing | Clause for Concern | D&D 5e | 18th Dec 2022

“The Toymaker, hasn’t been seen in days. What is he thinking, with the Festival of Gifts right around the corner.”
This is the first set of words you hear as you return from the latest quest given to you by the Big Man himself. Carrying with you all manner of materials he had mysteriously requested, you beeline towards the famous Winter Workshop, enjoying the sights of the children playing in the snow, feeling excited to meet him in the flesh. But what you just heard leaves your head feeling like a leaf in a blizzard. Something is wrong here, that man never stops working and never leaves his shop. Regardless, you turn the corner to see an unlit building and an even darker feeling from inside it._

This is a beginner-friendly adventure with a Christmas spin which can be adapted to include experienced players too. It will be relatively light-hearted, though elements of it can dip into some gruesome visuals, melted snowmen and really bad rhymes.

Date and time 18 Dec 2022, 12 to 5pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils
Character creation Character Creation can be done at the table, pre-gen sheets will be available as well. Level 3 characters
Number of players 5 players

Current players: 5/5

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure! If you have ideas for character creation or can spare the time to discuss it earlier, do message me beforehand about the same to streamline things before the game starts.

Hello, can me and my three other friends join this?

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Yes, ofcourse, I’ll mark you all down :+1:t3:

Great. Excited to play this game!
What level characters will we be playing?

Sorry, I realised I missed that in the brief. It’ll be set to level 3.

Please count me in for this game

Sounds good. I’ll count you in :v:t4:

Hi. I’d like to join this quest. Is there an open slot?