[Full] A Perilous Pint | D&D 5th Edition

The simple task of tracking down a shipment of ale in Cordonis for a local tavern has you suddenly plunged into the dark and murky underbelly of the powerful factions that operate within the city’s walls.

An adventure for new/beginner players. Doesn’t matter if you have never played before, this adventure will get you familiar with the basics of D&D!

Date and time Sunday, 23rd February - 12noon to 4pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar (Event Link)
System and Setting D&D 5th edition ruleset
Character creation You will make characters at the table just before the game starts!
Number of players Five players total. Newbies welcome!

Current players: @Harshadeva @anuraag62 @punit.pi @Ambidextrous_Monk @suren

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!
We’re full!

My friend and I are newbies and would like to join. Please include @anuraag62 and me.

Yup! I’ll count you’ll in.

My firend and i are nebies and would like to join please include @Ambidextrous_Monk and me
Thank you,

I am a newbie too! Would like to join this one!