Fantasy PUB QUIZ | Session Zero Vol V | Origin Alley✨ | Sunday, 7th July

We are back at it again! :sparkles:

Name of the Game: Session Zero: Vol V


In the faraway land of Koramangala, preparations are being made. The inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom are scurrying about to make sure everything is ready in time for the Great Celebration.

It has been a very eventful year. Battles were won, dragons were slain, monsters were dealt with and apocalypses were survived. Peace is finally here, and with it, the time for some fun and merriment!

But the Candy King grows weary in his late years, he thinks peace will make everyone lazy and their skills will dull. To ensure his kingdom is in reliable hands, he calls for a competition!

Adventurers from far and wide! Come join us in our celebration and show us what makes you so special!

System Used: Physical presence and mental aptitude ( with some dice rolling ).

Content Warnings : General Fantasy Violence, Blood, Potential Suggestive Themes. May cause competitiveness.

Safety Tools: Lines & Veils

Is it safe for underage players?: 21+ is preferred, anyone under 21 will not be served alcohol.

Type: Ticketed Event

Game Format: IRL pubquiz.

You’ll need 1 smartphone and a party of 4-5 players armed with facts from varied sources like Movies, Anime, Video Games, TV shows, and RPGs to be able come out victorious from our quiz.
Dice are optional.

Session Duration: 4hrs

Scheduling Information:
Venue: Gorilla Barfare, Koramangala, Bangalore
Date: Sunday 7th July 2024
Time: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Average Party Level/Character Creation Requirements:
You won’t need to bring any sheets, but are welcome to casually cosplay your character or any fictional character you would like to be for the day.

About The DM:
Session Zero is our flagship Fantasy Pubquiz and a Networking party for Nerds where we get together and have a fun time over a few drinks and oddly specific, mildly infuriating questions about our favorite fictional universes.

Our quiz isn’t about just D&D.
Session Zero celebrates all of fantasy, so that includes your favorite fictional Movies, TV shows, Books, Video Games, Anime, and even board games.

Number of spots available: 11/20

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