Fantasy Pub Quiz Event | Session Zero Vol II | Origin Alley ✨ | Sunday, 13 August | Koramangala, Bangalore

Greetings Adventurers! :sparkles:

Origin Alley is back with our second installment of Session Zero

:sparkles: Date: Sunday, 13th August 2023 :sparkles:

:sparkles: Venue: What’s in a Name, Koramangala, Bangalore :sparkles:

:sparkles: Get your TICKETS here :sparkles:

Join the intrepid Crew as they bring you more TTRPG-themed fun. The party never stops for nerds doing nerdy things but this party is going to be a little different.

What you can Expect

We will be hosting our fantasy/sci-fi pub quiz, a casual cosplay contest, and the tabletop Origin Alley Store. In Addition, we will have some exciting tavern mini-games for all you adventurers to take part in for some laughs (and maybe some shots)! We will also be showcasing our first beginner-friendly intro campaign to help our newer adventurer friends ease themselves into the intricacies of 5e

This event isn’t only for TTRPG adventurers!
This event is to celebrate fantasy and there to create a space where like-minded nerds get to hang out with each other. Any story from any fictional universe counts as fantasy.
That includes all Anime, Superhero Comics and Movies, Fictional Books, and even Video Games.

If you want to dive deeper into this rabbit hole, cosplay, and role-play are heavily encouraged to make this experience a unique one for everyone involved!

So keep a weather eye on the horizon, adventurers! More news on the event will be coming up on our socials as well as this page.

Hoping to see you all at the event! :sparkles:

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