Errydai I'm Shuffling [Online] | D&D 5E | 5 adventurers required [2nd August, 2pm - 6pm] |

It’s Midwinter in Cordonis. The winds whistle down from the Cordonades, cold as a frost giant’s heart and twice as cruel. It is time for that great celebration of Cordonian hospitality - the Midwinter Ball. There will be street parties and revelry throughout Cordonis, but for the great and good, there is only one place to be. Every year Duke Renfri and Sabelle of Orvain throw open the doors of their castle to the few lucky enough to snag an invitation. The Midwinter ball is the pinnacle of the Cordonian social calendar.

Your contact Alldai Errydai, minor fence and all-round ne’er-do-well, has approached you with an seemingly-genuine invitation to the Duke’s ball and a proposition.

You remember your sainted mother’s last words. “You stay away from that boy and his schemes, you hear? One of these days he’s going to get you killed.”

This is a beginner adventure for 5 players set in Cordonis, in the Lands of Loorou setting. It is intended as an introduction to D&D, while also introducing players to our shared Loorou campaign setting and some of the factions that inhabit it.

Date and time Sunday, August 2, 2PM to 6PM
Place Online. The game will be run on the Loorou discord server and
System and Setting D&D 5E
Character creation Players can either make their own Level 3 characters or choose from the pregen characters on the Loorou discord server
Number of players 5 doughty adventurers

Current players:

Drop a reply below or message @siddharthageorge#3237 on the Loorou discord if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hi! I’m interested in joining

Super. I’ll add a role on Discord so you can access my game chat.