Early Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 impressions on this week's SUSD podcast!

Quinns talks [spoiler free] about Pandemic Season 0 around the ~4min mark in this week’s Shut Up and Sit Down podcast. He says it’s the best version yet :thinking: (and he didn’t like Season 2 as much as Season 1).

It’s set in 1961, and you are fighting in the cold war. Instead of diseases, you are fighting agents in locations around the world.

Mechanically he says there are a few changes:

  • The one Quinns doesn’t like is that outbreaks don’t cause neighboring cities to have cubes, but instead you bottom deck a card from the infection deck.
  • Cities have alliances (Allied vs Soviet)
  • Creating vans to drive around (??)
  • Plus a bunch of stuff on character customization

They also cover other games - Innovation, Geometric Art, Spirit Island, and Spicy.

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/susd/podcast-114-the-ocean-grasps-a-van

The official announcement of the game from the publisher: https://www.zmangames.com/en/news/2020/7/16/announcing-pandemic-legacy-season-0/

The game is expected to be out later this year.

Their full review is up


Quinns says it’s the best edition of Pandemic Legacy yet, but probably not his favourite because of how many games of Pandemic he’s already played.