Dung and Democracy | Mausritter | 5 players | 30th April

To make a mistake is part of the mouse experience.
In an accident that shall not be recalled, let alone retold, your cousin Matthew has lost the ballot box of Brickport the tiny mouse settlement for the election of the Council of Five Burrows. Okay, he tumbled and dropped it in a pool dung sludge. By the time he thought of asking anyone for help (discreetly) the sludge had been rolled away by dung beetles.

The home of the Tumblefolk has been burrowed within a behemoth mushroom, an array of winding tunnels and cavernous rooms, each with a special role in the processing of their prized resource: sludge balls. A party of brave mice must now venture into the heart of the fungi to retrieve the ballot box!

This will be a game of Mausritter a beginner-friendly sword-and-whiskers fantasy RPG where you play as brave mice adventurers. The rules are a simple roll under d20 system and character generation takes 5 minutes. This game is for players new to tabletop roleplaying games and the rules will be learnt in play.

This particular game will focus on exploration in a dungeon. The game favors out of the box thinking and interacting with the imaginary world.

Content Warning: Violence to anthropomorphised animals, themes of poor working conditions

Date and time 30 Apr, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Mausritter
Safety/content tool X-Card
Character creation Will happen at the table.
Number of players 5

Current players (5/5): @Gopi_Krishna_Chenna , Hetu + 1, @Nikki , Ryan

@Nikki @Gopi_Krishna_Chenna If you keep this on your phone it would be helpful