Dudes, Where's Our Carl? | D&D 5e | 8 Jan 2023 | Watson’s, Indiranagar

You and your companions wake up, bleary-eyed and cotton-mouthed, at your friend Carl’s family beach house at the remote town of Faren-by-the-Sea. You remember arriving here yesterday, all geared up to celebrate the festival of Rhiyel, Winter’s End. You remember stowing all your gear and heading out into town, ready to participate in all the festivities. You remember… wait… why can’t you remember? What’s all this stuff in your pockets? And where’s Carl?

Can you and your remaining friends piece together the various disjointed clues around you to figure out what you were up to the previous night… and what exactly has happened to your good buddy Carl?

This is a beginner-friendly game with elements of mystery, memory and shenanigans. Players will choose from pregenerated characters who form a gang of close-knit friends…minus one. Clues abound in this game of light combat and moderate roleplay.

Date and time 8 Jan, 12 PM
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD 5th Edition
Safety/content tool X-Card
Character creation Choose from 5 Pre-generated Level 3 Characters
Number of players 4-5

Current players: 4/5

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hi, me and 2 other friends want to join this!

Hello, I would like to also join!


I will be creating flavoured characters to fit the setting in the next day or two so y’all can choose what you’d like to play.


Added to the list!

Thor I’m interested! Sign me up!!

The pregen options are below (all Level 3). Please let me know which one you’d like to play.

Bugbear Rogue
Goblin Monk
Half-elf Cleric
Tiefling Bard

Hi, let me know if you have any preferences on your character. The pregen options are:

Bugbear Rogue
Goblin Monk
Half-elf Cleric
Tiefling Bard

Choose your character :slight_smile:

Hi I would like to join

Tiefling bard, if it’s not taken

We’ll pick once we reach the venue! :smiley: