Drum Up the Vote| D&D 5E| 5 Players| Apr 30 | 12 PM at Watson's

Breaking News: An Elf has died!
Admittedly, it was of old age, and had been expected for quite some time; but the event has still been the cause of much uproar in the bustling metropolis of Lucens Agatea (sometimes vulgarly called Shiny Gold by those not of noble Elven lineage) for entirely political reasons.
Delmuth Olatris had maintained his position on City Council since he had been appointed to the seat some 650 years ago and had staunchly held onto it while his contemporaries gave up the ghost and were replaced by other appointed, and, around 150 years ago, by the first elected representative.
With Delmuth’s death, a Council seat is up for election once more… but the population of the shining city has seen a lot of change in the last century and a half, and for the first time in its storied history, members of other species have a chance at a seat on the governing Council.

Halran Fleetwood is the youngest candidate, and only human, standing for election this term, and they have their work cut out for them. With not enough money to pump into a large scale campaign, Halran has recruited their own friends to get the word out.

You and your companions have been tasked with the job of getting votes for your mutual good friend. You will need to talk to any contacts you already have, meet new people and find out how the Council can help them, and perhaps get your hands dirty clearing out a dungeon or saving a pet while ensuring you mention what a good candidate your old pal is.
Will you be able to gain enough support from the general populace before the final election? Will people vote for a human over members of their own tiny communities?
Navigate conversations with numerous ordinary folks and figure out the best way to charm them into voting for the person you all believe is the best person to join that Council.

This game involves a lot of roleplay with possibility of random combat. Diplomacy is key! Flattery will get you many places! Active listening is a powerful skill! Come prepared to talk to little old ladies and large bearded men and any other variation that the DM can convincingly portray, and solve the puzzle of what makes a good community work.

Date and time 30 April, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Dungeons & Dragons 5E
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils
Character creation Pregenerated Level 3 Characters will be available at the table
Number of players 5

Current players (5/5): @Nikhil_Gupta , @Nandini_Agarwal , Gunjan, Shah, @MoosiGhostface

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