Down On Your Luck | Salvage Aces | 17th March | Underline Center

The biggest hauler to ever enter the Visage Nebula to search for valuable resources has finally emerged at the edge of the nebula. Often referred to as The Potluck, some believe it is carrying some of the most valuable haul to ever come out of it. Tales have been told of the immense riches some have found in the nebula. Many scrappers have tried to salvage the ship, only to never return. Witnesses from afar have confirmed sightings of green glow surrounding the ship sometimes. You are a ragtag bunch of scrappers looking to finally hit your jackpot and retire back into the civilization. Are you willing to take the risk? Have you got the luck of the draw?

Salvage Aces is a card-based RPG that emulates action-adventure movies with a bombastic, sensationalist feel. Salvage Aces has a warped western setting. Your characters are prospecting scrappers at the edge of the Visage Nebula. Although historically, no ships returned from venturing into the dust and debris of the nebula, ships have begun returning. These returning ships are damaged, full of valuable salvage, and sometimes home to strange beings. Improv is highly recommended.

Date and time 17th March 2024, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting Salvage Aces
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, X-Cards
Character creation Pregens will be provided along with introduction to the game mechanics
Number of players 5

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