DiceDeedsArt |Gunmetal:Voyager| The Rescue | 4 Crew needed| 26th June 2022 | Afternoon/Evening session

GM Name: Shiraz
About The Game: “Mission 01: Rescue”

In a different age, our ancestors spread to the stars. Engineering marvels allowed them to travel great distances, guided by the gravity wells of the stars. Commerce, culture, and science leap frogged over each other as they worked together in the spirit of discovery.

For a while, it was good. Then the ancestors splintered. Factions arose on new planets each following their own agendas, forging their own cultures, and motives. Each claim to be greater than the rest. Coupled with these factions are the Guilds: Free agencies working for the highest bidder.

This is where you come in. You and your crew have been working for one of the many spacer guilds. Yours is operating out of the BC Lodestar, an old battle cruiser. They have loaned you a ship, and offer you jobs that…are a bit taxing, of varying legality, and definitely out there (in space).

Mission 01: Rescue

Your Crew is to travel to the mining asteroid of Gamma Masala and infiltrate the criminal ring known as the ‘Spice Boyz’. Your objective is to free a contractor known only as ‘Purple’. Purple is in hiding and will reveal themselves to you and your crew once you follow the white rabbit. Once located, you need to escape with Purple. Chatter on the INTNET is that some low-level guilders might intercept the rescue. Be cautious.

(DM notes - This is a self-made RPG that i’ve been developing. People who play will get playtesting credits for the game. New players welcome. Feedback is encouraged and helpful.)

Date & Time: 11-5pm, 26th June. approximately 3~4 hours of game time.
Place: Bangalore, Watsons Indiranagar
System & Setting: Gunmetal: Voyager playtest material alpha
Character Creation: Yes.
No. of Players Needed: 4 players

Current players:

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