Democracy! at the Dungeon

Belevos, the Trapster King has been ousted from his Kingdom, and his seven Ministers need to be escorted out of the dungeons they were thrown into so they can help re-establish democracy throughout the land! The party will need to escort the Ministers through that dungeon safely - but beware! The dungeon is filled with the most devious traps Belevos has to offer.
Unfortunately, the council of Ministers can’t make up their minds about ANYTHING - so every major decision in the dungeon will require a vote. Democracy at its finest - but can you convince the ministers to vote for the best interests of all?

_Democracy! at the Dungeon is a beginner-friendly Dungeons & Dragons one-shot. Expect silliness, a call for creative thinking, a welcoming environment, and oh, yes, traps. So very many traps. Experienced players and newcomers to D&D are both welcome - and character sheets will be provided for you at the game itself. _

Date and time 30 April, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Dungeons & Dragons
Safety/content tool X-Card, Lines & Veils
Character creation Level 1 characters, pre-generated for you by the Games Master
Number of players 6 players + upto 7 people who would like to simply watch by playing one of the seven Ministers

Current players (5/5): Akshay, @Bookworm, @Diarya , Utsav + 1

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Hello! I missed your last game, would love to be part of this one as a Player. Promise to get there on time.

Excellent, looking forward to seeing you there!

Sounds like a ball XD. I’d like to join this game

Awesome, you’re in! Glad to have you!

Hello, do you have a slot for me to join as an observer? I’ve never played before but I’d like to learn

Absolutely, yes! Though I’m perfectly happy to have you as a player even if you’ve never played before.