D&D Workshop by Origin Alley ✨ | Sunday 18th February | Bangalore

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Do you hear the call to adventure?

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We’ve had a lot of people enquiring us about how to start and how to play, so we are going to be answering all those questions and more at our FIRST EVER D&D WORKSHOP.

:sparkles:18th February 2024 :sparkles:

:crossed_swords: @clubchapter6 Koramangala, Bangalore :crossed_swords:

:alarm_clock: 12:30 pm Onwards :alarm_clock:

Questions we aim to answer during the event:

  • What is D&D?
  • How do you play?
  • How to build a Character?
  • How to design a look for your Character?
  • Where can I find people to play with?

Wondering where to get your tickets? :thinking::sparkles:

Well, this will be a little bit of a surprise to you then, because there are no tickets :sparkles:

We’re keeping this workshop open for everyone interested in fantasy and curious about Dungeons & Dragons :sparkles:

You may RSVP by either DMing us on our Instagram @originallley.shop or by getting our free passes available on PayTM Insider

Keep your calendars free!

We will see you all soonly :purple_heart::sparkles:

Our first ever D&D workshop is just around the corner so we decided to drop some FAQs :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sparkles:

Swipe through to find out more details about what we’ll be going through and how you can reserve your table for your adventuring party :sparkles: