Crossing the Veil | D&D 5e | 29th Sep, 2023 | Bohemian, Indiranagar

Well shucks, you are dead. But you know that the trip beyond is worth the wait, or so you’ve heard from your elders in this village. The dead departs and every year there’s a festival to celebrate and helps them reach the Great Beyond. It’s quite fun to watch it from the other side after all these years.

But the screams of laughter and excitement turns to terror as the Veil thins and you see people and creatures of every kind now slipping back. Some Beyonders cause chaos and harm while others embrace the ones who were thought to be lost forever.

Will you help restore order and find a way to correct it all, or is this an opportunity?

This beginner-friendly adventure is suited for Level 3 characters. There will have a healthy mix of role-playing and combat while exploring this weird world. Warnings on general gruesomness and horror.

Date and time 29th Sep, 12pm
Place Bohemian, Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils, CW: Death, gore, manipulation, body horror
Character creation pregens will be available, but feel free to create your own level 3 character
Number of players 5 players

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