[cancelled] This is a Witch Hunt! |4p |Level 5| Imersive RP

Note: This adventure has unfortunately been cancelled. Please check out the other ones at Dungeon Democracy - A Dungeons & Dragons adventure | Sunday, 30 April | Indiranagar, Bangalore

In the world of…that is not important. Everywhere has some dogmas and stigmas that lead to mob rule or misrule at some point.

In this seemingly normal tavern is an old courthouse frequented by those being who enjoy making, breaking and discussing philosophy, law, etc. So basically an elite college town bar of sorts.

You four visitors have been accused of theft, duplicatous conduct and seduction of the judges daughter. In a town full of magical folks and the lawfulness of a cult of paladins there is no escaping.

How will you defend yourself and prove your innocence (or get away with it

NOT beginner friendly as fluidity around rules and more about immersive clever play. Based on 5e with some extra liberties around the democracy theme using dive.

Date and time 30 Apr, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting 5e
Safety/content tool X cards, 18+ language potentially, minimal gore
Character creation _Create Level 5, with 1 rare magical item of choice, any race and any class combination allowed, caster recommend
Number of players 4

Current players:

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Please do buy a ticket and select PK table on the upper level if you sign up.

I am playing in a couple of standard adventures like CoS and RoT, not exactly a beginner, but not very experienced either. Is that fine?


I have signed up for this game. Super excited to play!

I’m not sure how to share my character sheet as a PDF but I’ve chosen a Tortle Divination Wizard and the Helm of Teleportation as my rare magical item.

So sorry. Both you guys would have been most welcome. Unfortunately needed to cancel for health reasons. Hope you guys found a table. Have fun!