Assassination of the dictator - A DnD one-shot | April 30th | 5 players

In the distant land of the More, Dictator perpetuo’s wife has invited you to investigate the assassination conspiracy against the dictator Kaiser. Will the adventure party get themself stuck in the quagmire of political intrigue? or just follow the orders in the hopes of gold?

This one-shot is partly based on history.
Beginner friendly. Level 4 characters. Characters will be provided. If players want to play their own characters, that has to be informed to the DM beforehand.

The game contains the themes of violence, murder, deception etc.

Date and time 30 April, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD 5E
Safety/content tool _ Lines and Veils_
Character creation _ Level 4 characters, pregen or player’s choice_
Number of players 5

Current players(5/5): Nikhil + 2, Nitin + 1

I am definitely interested in participating

Alright. good to have you.

Please buy ticket from here. And choose Mr. Nobody ( Dungeon Democracy - A Dungeons & Dragons adventure with ReRoll Board Games )

Players, please contact me for characters