A Dark Lord and His Kittens

It is no easy thing, maintaining an evil lair. You have traps to maintain, monsters to feed, vents to clear out, property taxes to pay, and always, always, ALWAYS those PESKY adventurers who keep wandering in, and trying to steal your loot.
Which is why the Dark Lord Darkinius Darkstone Darkanon the Thirteenth decided to bring in the big guns: dreaded demons from the deepest divisions of Hell itself…only a slight mistake in his spellcasting has caused him to summon you instead - a collection of five adorable kittens. To make matters worse, a team of heroes is already knocking at his door - so you’re going to have to do.

You and your fellow players will be playing as five kittens who need to manage a dungeon while your Dark Lord is dealing with the heroes above. Set traps for adventurers, lure them into dangerous places, and keep your Lord’s lair safe from those who would steal his loot! Prove to him that you are just as good a group of minions as anyone else in his dungeon, and that you have what it takes to be bad. So bad. Really, really bad.

A Dark Lord and His Kittens is a beginner-friendly game that invites either clever thinking or bold, outrageous, utterly ridiculous shenanigans - or both. Players get to play on the other side of a dungeon crawl for once, making sure that life is difficult for any unwary adventurers. Have fun, roll dice, sharpen those claws, and above all else: cause chaos.

Date and time 23 July, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting For the Dungeon!
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, the X-Card
Character creation Character Creation will happen in the first half hour, at the table - so please be on time for the event
Number of players 5 total, 4/5 slots filled

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Hey Armaan, 3 of us would be joining you at your table. All of us are new to table top games.