5e Homebrew - Flying Tiger, Hidden Dragon | Lvl 11 | 8th Jan | Watson's

The prince has gone missing and all signs point towards the Temple of the Blue Dragon.
The most famous adventurers of the land, you and your party, are sent to investigate the kidnapping. What cultish nightmare will the group get dragged into? How many dragons need to die before peace is restored?

Expect some social interaction, a decent chunk of combat, loads of magic, and of course, the rule of cool wins. There’ll be a lot of rolling so feel free to carry your math rocks.

Duration: 5-6 hours
Players: 4-5 players
Experience: Not for beginners
Level: 11 (make your own characters, though pre-gens are available)

Current players: @ZietglotParabellum , @SRL ,

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Can I join this adventure?

For sure my friend. Would you like to make your own character?

I am interested in joining. I can make my own character

Hey-o! I’m interested in joining this. I’ll make my own char. Slots available?

Hey yo. For sure. Feel free to make the character how you’d like so long as you stick to the basic rules.

Do you mean PHB only?

Nope. Whatever you’d like so long as it’s not a complete homebrew. If you’d like to do a full homebrew, we can meet a bit early tomorrow and sort that out too

Any other helpful guidelines on the character background or adventure setting? E.g. hired by the royal family or will face a lot of aberrations

The setting is the Western Ghats, think hills, trees, lakes, rivers, waterfalls.

The party is just pursuing the lead. Although the king won’t kill his best adventurers, it’s an important matter for which you’ll get rewarded appropirately.

As of the moment, the prince is just missing. Is he alive? Is he on this plane? Is he a chair? Let’s find out together.

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Alright! Thanks for replying

My pleasure. Do share the character sheet if you can, if not, we can go over it together at the table.

What’re the rules for stats? Standard Array or rolled? Also what items/weapons rarity?

As long as it’s a method allowed in the official rulebook(s), the freedom is yours. As for weapons and rarity and things, we can be sure that there will be a rare, and a magical item. But we can go over how many and which tomorrow. That said, if you’ve any in mind, do share those along with the sheet (or we can do this at the table)

Good morning folks. See you all by noon.