Shrine of Savras

News from the town of Phandalin

The townsfolk are in high spirits after the construction of a small shrine in the townsquare that is dedicated to Tymora, the goddess of luck and good fortune. It is tended to by the town’s local priest - an elderly dwarf named Yurdeck.

It’s a makeshift shrine made of rocks from nearby runes, at the center of which is a large purple gemstone. The gemstone was found by a farmer in Phandalin after he noticed an overnight proliferation and growth of crops and cattle in a section of his farm. Upon investigating the area he found a small wooden crate buried in the ground, roughly in the center of this growth. Inside it was this gemstone.

The townsfolk and the priest seem to believe that this magical stone that will bring fortune and prosperity the town if they can construct a shrine and amplify its effects.