Session Zero - Before you play

Here’s what preparation you need to do before you attend your first game.

If you’re interested in joining the campaign please make sure to read and follow the steps below.

We will being using the online tool called D&D Beyond to manage characters. If you haven’t already, please make an account on and use the character creator to setup your character. It’s very simple to do and also gives you a printable and digital character sheet. Here’s an example.

If you’re wondering which class/race to select, be sure to check out the Choosing a race and class topic on this forum.

Since this is a campaign with multiple players and characters, each playing at different times, we have a problem with managing levels, as players might get more experience if they are there for more games. As a result, we have an automatic leveling rule, where the lowest experience a player can be is half of the party experience rounded to the nearest 100. Right now that means new players start with characters with 1100XP, which should put you in 3rd level.

How to level your character

  • In your character’s `Home’ settings page, make sure you set the advancement type to ‘XP’ and not ‘Milestone’.
  • Then go to your “Class” tab, and you’ll see an option to add XP. Add 1100.
  • This should get you to level 3, now select Level 3 in the “Level” dropdown in the “Class” page.
  • You might get a new feat/trait that you can choose. Do that.
  • Now when you go to your character sheet, you’ll see your HP and Level has increased

What to expect from the first session

The main campaigns begins now, with your character having you reached the town of Phandalin. Unless otherwise mentioned to you, your character decided to head to Phandalin in order to join the Adventurer’s Guild - a academy/training/finishing school for young, eager adventurers such as yourself to hone their skills, find work, and take part in adventures!

This Guild gets it’s legitimacy because it was founded a few months ago by Harbin Wester - a well respected and (former) high ranking member of the Lord’s Army (the peacekeeping force of the Realm). Harbin quit his position in order to start something he believes will have more of an impact in ensuring the continued peace and prosperity of Faerun - or at the very least he believes he’s more useful here than as a general in the Lord’s Army.

It would be useful for you to also have a small notebook or note taking app because the stuff you learn and find is persistent, so you’ll have to keep track of what information you know.

The world is relatively big, so there will be character names, towns, pieces of information from conversations that you’ll have to remember.

That said, we’re excited to have you play future games and help build this world with us!

Lastly, drop a message to @karthikb351 on WhatsApp or as a private message on this forum so we can note down your new/existing character and plan accordingly.