Meeples' Meetup - Dialogues, Koramangala (every Saturday)

Victory Point brings to you Meeples’ Meetup ( aka BoardGaming Meeples’ Meetup ) every Saturday in association with Dialogues, Bangalore.

Where: Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala (Google Maps Link)
When: Every Saturday - 3PM to 11PM
Price: Rs. 250/person
Tickets: (or you can buy tickets at the door)

Victory Point helps introduce the fascinating world of board games to beginners, as well as provides a platform for regulars and veterans to indulge in its brilliance through events, competitions, board game reviews, playthroughs, unboxing of new games and much more. Our primary aim is to help propagate board games in #Bangalore as well as help this hobby reach more people, making this community much larger.

We got a wide rage of collections for different types of groups, some of them are as follows : Splendor, Codenames, Mascarade, Secret Hitler, Dixit, Catan, Blood Rage, Scythe, Rising Sun and many more!

The event is newbie friendly, we will help you in pickup, setup and explain rules.

You can come with your friends, colleagues, family or even solo we got you covered. You are free to bring your own collection to introduce/play the games with others.