Heavy Cardboard Wednesdays - Go Native, HSR Layout (every Wednesday)

Our new weekly board games meetup is in HSR!

Where: Go Native, HSR Layout (Google Maps)
When: Every Wednesday - 6PM to 10PM
Price: Rs. 200/person
Tickets: https://reroll.in/hcw

Heavy Cardboard Wednesday (HCW) is a weekly board gaming meetup for people interested in more complex games.

This will exist alongside our current weekly meetup in Indiranagar Tabletop Thursdays.

Tickets are Rs. 200/person for the whole evening and includes a Rs. 100 coupon you can spend at the attached cafe.

We don’t collect cash/card payments, so if you are planning to buy tickets at the venue you’ll have to just purchase them on your phone from the link below.

Tickets for Heavy Cardboard Wednesdays: https://reroll.in/hcw

Heavy Cardboard Wednesday #18

This week we are tabling Stonemaier Games’ newest game, Tapestry. A beautiful civilization game where you can progress on science, technology, military or exploration tracks as different civilizations to tell the story of your civilization.

Definitely a lot of fun with many options across capital city mats, civilizations, tapestry & tech cards for you to tinker around and build your own engine. In the interest of time, we will be capping it at four players, so please message @Navin if you want to reserve a spot.

We decided to pair it up with other games from the same studio - Scythe and Wingspan which are old favorites amongst regulars.

At least two of these are long games and we would recommend that you look up the rules video if you haven’t played them before (here is a channel we find great for this: https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchItPlayed ).

We will start playing at 6.30pm and have a hard stop at 10pm.

You can get tickets for HCW here: https://insider.in/heavy-cardboard-wednesday-with-reroll-board-games-2019/event

Heavy Cardboard Wednesday #19

This week’s highlight games are Architects of the West Kingdom, Castles of Burgundy & Tapestry!

Also come practice for our upcoming Keyforge Tournament that’s on December 1st!

Starting next week, at HCW we will also be hosting prelims for the Scythe tournament - Bangalore edition, for Meeplecon 2019, with the national finals being held in Mumbai.

As always, you can get tickets here: https://reroll.in/hcw

Heavy Cardboard Wednesday #21

Feat. Wingspan, Raiders of North Sea & Architects of West Kingdom. pic2458233

Come take part in the Kingdomino Tournament being conducted as a part of Meeplecon and stand a chance to win some cool goodies from Smiley Kiddos!