Disaster was averted on Liar's Night

Thanks to the presence of mind and quick thinking of @shatru, @madhu, @eragon, and the help of visitors Lord Byron and Thea Tuhr - the cursed candy being distributed to children was brought to everyone’s attention in time, before the unthinkable.

While the town and children are recovering in the aftermath, there has still been no news of who (or what) might have been behind this. There are some rising tensions as a growing number of the townsfolk blame Harbin and the guild for bringing this much attention to an otherwise quiet and inconspicuous town. Others believe that this is because of the gemstone and shrine to Savras. While not removed or vandalized, the shrine is no longer surrounded by offerings of flowers and trinkets.

The mood in town is morose and gloomy, a stark contrast to the excitement in the lead up to Liar’s Night.